“Proudly Tasmanian Owned & Operated”

Alpha Electrics & Water

Introducing Alpha Electrics & Water

At TasGrow Irrigation & Hothouses, we are proud to work closely with our sister company, Alpha Electrics & Water. This partnership reflects our commitment to innovation and diversification as we strive to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your evolving needs. With a shared passion for quality, customer-centricity, and industry expertise, we’ve expanded our horizons to deliver even greater value to our customers and partners.

Alpha Electrics & Water has provided innovative electrical and water solution for Tasmanian industry for over 50 years. They are Tasmania’s largest supplier and repairer of electric motors. With a shared commitment to innovation, Alpha Electrics & Water is proud of their hard-earned reputation for its cutting-edge solutions, unmatched customer service, and unwavering dedication to client success.

Explore Alpha Electrics & Water and discover how our expanded products, services and knowledge can benefit you!

Alpha Electrics & Water service what they sell:

  • Overhead cranes up to 8 tonne
  • 4 tonne forklift
  • Rewind facilities for low voltage and high voltage motors up to 800 amps AC & DC
  • Motor and gearbox load testing to 1200HP
  • Generator test bed up to 100 amps per phase
  • Welder and power tool repairs
  • Pump repairs and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Electrical contractors for repairs and installations
  • Electrical testing of any motor AC/DC/HV on site and in workshop
  • Urgent repairs and service of motors on site and in workshop 24 hours
  • On site vibration and machine monitoring and laser alignment
  • Dynamic balancing machine 10 tonne
  • On site balancing
  • Submersible pump repairs and sales
  • Trailing cable repairs and sales
  • High pressure water blasters
  • Pick up and delivery service if required
  • Authorised service centre for WEG Electric Motors
  • Generator Set Hire