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TasGrow’s expert staff have spent several years working with a large local dairy company.  We’ve provided solutions to support various aspects of the dairy production process.

The supply and management of water are essential for ensuring the well-being of dairy cows, maintaining hygiene in the facility, and facilitating the processing and cleaning of equipment.  Automated watering systems, such as water troughs with float valves, help ensure a continuous and consistent water supply, reducing the labour required for manual water distribution.

Water is also indispensable in the dairy’s processing and cleaning operations. It is used for cleaning and sterilizing milking equipment, milk storage tanks, and other dairy processing machinery to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Efficient water supply and pumping systems are essential to ensure that the dairy’s daily operations run smoothly and that the dairy products meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations. Our team understands that properly managing the water supply and employing effective pumping systems is fundamental for the sustainability and success of a commercial dairy operation.  We’ve worked closely with this client to ensure the best solution and outcome whenever they need.

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