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WEG Australia and Alpha Electrics to supply Grange Resources Mill Motor

Grange Resources Mill Motor

WEG Australia Pty Ltd, through its local business partner Alpha Electrics (Tasmania), has successfully won the tender for Grange Resources, supplying two synchronous mill motors (frame size 1400).

Facilitated by the ongoing business relationship between Alpha Electrics and Grange Resources and bolstered by the long standing supply and service history that Alpha Electrics has with WEG Australia, WEG engineers were able to design a motor specifically tailored to retrofit with the existing infrastructure of the old motor (that is now rapidly reaching the end of its service life). This unique ability that allows large WEG rotating machines to have a “drop in fit” means Grange Resources will mount the newly designed motor without the need to redesign the existing foundations. This involves significant engineering work at the motor design stage but will bring the benefits of saving the customer a substantial amount of time and money for the retrofit.

“Many people have been involved since the conception of this project with site visits, factory contribution via specialist design and significant consultation with all parties to get the offer to its final acceptance”, said Craig Dunne, Project Engineer for WEG Australia Pty Ltd.

Adding further weight to the value proposition of the WEG motor, was the commitment of Alpha Electrics, who is not only the supplier of the motor but also entrusted with assisting local and international service engineers and technicians install the motor and will be offering continuous local technical support over the motors service life.

Stuart Paine, Alpha Electrics, states “This project could not have been accomplished without the partnership of WEG and Alpha Electrics giving Grange Resources what they needed… A specially engineered and designed machine that uses the experience and expertise of an international manufacturer that was backed up with the service support of a local partner. It is a great team effort from all involved and something we are proud of”.

Transportation Dynamics:

The new motor and the complete excitation system panel was engineered in WEG Brazil, before being manufactured in WEG India. The motor will be disassembled into five separate packages before being shipped and reassembled in Tasmania by Alpha Electrics.